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SMP Electronics

Since 1994, SMP Electronics has specialized in the design and manufacture of SAMALITE professional LED rechargeable floodlights, searchlights, headlamps, and hazard lights. SMP employs the latest state of the art LED and lithium-ion battery technologies to provide for some of the most innovative, compact, ultra-lightweight, and high-powered LED lighting systems in the world. As a result, SAMALITE has been chosen by some of the world’s most renowned organizations as their preferred rechargeable lighting solution provider.

All SMP products are manufactured in the United Kingdom from high impact polyurethane and polycarbonate lenses making these systems highly durable and resistant to heat, water and fuel. Samalite portable lighting units are lightweight and use the highest quality maintenance free rechargeable battery technologies.


Established in 1996, PacAtlantic markets and distributes select high quality, high performing, industry leading products to the North American market.  Steeped in a tradition of customer service, responsiveness, and product knowledge, PacAtlantic consistently achieves high levels of customer satisfaction by delivering best in class, cost effective solutions and service.  PacAtlantic serves numerous markets, including, but not limited to, first responders, industrial, utilities, marine, rail, and outdoor enthusiasts.