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  • Weight: 5.3 ounces (headband), 1.75 lbs. (belt)
  • Battery Type: 9 amp Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Recharge Time (Mains): 6 hours
  • Recharge Time (Vehicle): 5 hours

LED Headlamp

  • Beam Type: 180º Wide Beam
  • High: 2200 Lumens / 6.5 Hours
  • Middle: 1500 Lumens / 8 Hours
  • Low: 1000 Lumens / 10 Hours


  • Maintenance free, ultra-lightweight, high powered
  • IP65 rated, heat, water, and fuel resistant
  • High impact polyurethane body and shatterproof polycarbonate lens
  • Non-memory maintenance free proprietary battery
  • Tough (weatherproof, won’t break) yet comfortable light weight adjustable polypropylene headband with ventilation slots to prevent sweating
  • Intelligent charger protects from over/under charge, short circuit, and will shut down prior to draining fully to protect them
  • Three light intensities
  • Contains Cree 50K+ hour LED bulbs
  • Silent operation, zero emissions, no hazardous cables or generators
  • Low operating temperature
  • Adjust light up and down
  • Wide beam will not blind others (not a concentrated beam - designed for safety)
  • Maintenance free, ultra-lightweight, high powered
  • Exceptional quality, reliability, and performance
  • NiMH Powerbelt: Bestselling industrial lightweight almost indestructible battery pack in its fully weatherproof IP65 case. With over 15 years’ experience of selling this product most batteries are still working and have at least 75% or more of their original capacity left in them after 10 YEARS OF SERVICE
  • 12 month warranty


The 180 degree beam provides full visibility – there are no dark areas left in your vision. The light does not use a concentrated spot beam as with conventional round head torches, but delivers an even anti-glare 180-degree spread of light, capable of lighting an area without having to move your head around to look at things.

The Samalite powerbelt is a lightweight, nearly indestructible, battery pack in fully weatherproof, ergonomically designed, IP65 casing. With over 15 years experience selling this product, most batteries are still working and have at least 75% or more of their original capacity left after 10 years of service.  The fully adjustable semi-rigid belt is designed for comfort and made from heavy-duty nylon with a quick release buckle.  The belt can also carry a range of other essential items.

Headlight, AC charger, powerbelt


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