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ZET-Horn Y131AC


  • Frequency: 130 Hz
  • Intensity in 1/3 octave band level @ 1m: 138 db(A)
  • Intensity @ 1m: 144 db(A)
  • Ship Class: II
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Audibility Range: 1.5 NM
  • System Voltage: AC 3 phase (230V/380V/440V/690V)
  • Material: Corrosion and seawater resistant; gearwheels made of wear resistant upgraded steel
  • Dimensions (L X W): 915 x 490 mm
  • Weight: 62 kg


  • First piston type horn driven by AC 3 phase motor
  • Steady lubrication with standard grease (no oil)
  • Standard motor heating to avoid condensed water/ice
  • Cylinder suspended vertically to allow optimum discard of spray, flood, condensation water or melted snow
  • Full compliance with Colregs 1972 Annex III, IMO, and USCG regulations
  • Approved by all well known international authorities and classification societies
  • Relatively low weight



Zöllner’s Superior Line is handcrafted from the highest quality materials, providing a sense of both optical and acoustic perfection.  All Superior Line models are manufactured in accordance with the most stringent technical and aesthetic standards.  They are the personification of the level of expertise Zöllner has gathered on a global scale for nearly 70 years.

The ZET-Horn sound is generated by a piston inside a cylinder driven by an AC 3-phase motor; the piston oscillates at certain frequencies making the air inside the sound projector vibrate in resonance to produce a clean sound audible over a wide range.  Higher amplitudes of the harmonics ensure the best possible penetration of the normal background noise level on board. The ZET-Horn has a run-up time of less than 0.15 seconds which guarantees a pure and concentrated sound featuring optimal directional properties.

Zöllner offers complete ship set solutions: Horns, bells, gongs, maneuver lamps, sound reception devices, signal controllers, and inclinometers.


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