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Signal Automaton 10+SGA


  • System Voltage: AC 1 phase (115V/230V) or 24 V DC
  • Dimensions (L X W): 144x144 mm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg


  • Automatic signal control for all Zöllner horns with electric signal release, for electronic bell and gong system, and in modified version for electro-mechanical bell and gong system
  • Automatic and manual signal release of 10 different signals acc to Colregs 1972, Rule 34 (a.b,d), Rule 35(a.b,c,e,g) with SOS
  • Signal intervals adjustable
  • Full compliance with Colregs 1972 Annex III, IMO, and USCG regulations
  • Approved by all well known international authorities and classification societies
  • Maintenance free
  • For all Zöllner horns with electric signal release



Zöllner offers complete ship set solutions: Horns, bells, gongs, maneuver lamps, sound reception devices, signal controllers, and inclinometers

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