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Zet-Horn 70 AC


  • Frequency: 70 Hz
  • Intensity in 1/3 octave band level @ 1m: 143 db(A)
  • Intensity @ 1m: 146 db(A)
  • Ship Class: I
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Audibility Range: 2 NM
  • System Voltage: AC 3 phase (230V/380V/440V/690V)
  • Material: Corrosion and seawater resistant; gearwheels made of wear resistant upgraded steel
  • Dimensions (L X W): 1965 x 1150 mm
  • Weight: 130 kg


  • First piston type horn driven by AC 3 phase motor
  • Steady lubrication with standard grease (no oil). Standard motor heating to avoid condensed water/ice
  • Cylinder suspended vertically to allow optimum discard of spray, flood, condensation water or melted snow
  • Full compliance with Colregs 1972 Annex III, IMO, and USCG regulations
  • Approved by all well known international authorities and classification societies
  • Relatively low weight




The ZET-Horn sound is generated by a piston inside a cylinder driven by an AC 3-phase motor; the piston oscillates at certain frequencies making the air inside the sound projector vibrate in resonance to produce a clean sound audible over a wide range.  Higher amplitudes of the harmonics ensure the best possible penetration of the normal background noise level on board. The ZET-Horn has a run-up time of less than 0.15 seconds which guarantees a pure and concentrated sound featuring optimal directional properties.

Zöllner offers complete ship set solutions: Horns, bells, gongs, maneuver lamps, sound reception devices, signal controllers, and inclinometers.

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